Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston: 1963-2012

I was saddened with the news of Pop Diva Whitney Houston's death. I literally grew up with her songs and considered her as one of my all time favorite singer. I sang and danced to her songs. 

I remember I have a cassette tape with minus one feature back in elementary and my classmate borrowed it. When I was asking it back she said she returned it already. Until now I know my classmate's name and even friends at FB, still bitter at my lost Whitney Houston cassette tape.

Some of the songs I still know the tone and lyrics by heart:
I will always love you
I wanna dance with somebody
Run to you
All at once
The greatest love of all
Saving all my love for you


  1. one of the best singer of all time

  2. It was like the time when Princess Diana died. You don't personally know her but it affects you like you had some sort of a connection, parang ganon nafeel ko when I learned that she passed away.:(

  3. Regardless of whether we are celebrities or not, we all have a purpose in life. Whitney's daughter is the main focus here and the funeral should be private for her to mourn the loss of her mother now and hopefully in time, learn to celebrate her life because not everyone has a good relationship with there mother. I think that having a daughter who unconditionally loves her mother is great because all mothers fail in some respect. I appreciate Whitney Houston as a singer now as I have always done and I let her family and friends deal with the drug problem that she did have. Now I hope she rests in peace and I pray for only happiness for her family.